Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

We create websites from scratch or upgrade existing ones.

We prefer to create unique websites with particular look and custom functionality.

Before you decide or start reading tons of text, we highly recommend to get in touch with us. Please call us or leave a message and tell us your ideas and needs. It's the best way to find your perfect solution!

Why work with us?

We offer complete services

Beside web development we offer extra services like:

  • photographing your products, building interiors/exteriors, etc.
  • design your logo, design and print your product catalog, brochures, name cards, etc.
  • creative and helpful ideas regarding your homepage, web hosting, printing solutions and advertising material development

Multilingual sites

We develop SEO-conform, fully translated sites. Newsletters and automated e-mails are also sent to your clients or subscribers on their preferred language.

Our sites are finished

You'll never see those "Lorem ipsum" or "Under construction" pages on sites made by us. Every site is developed under a non-public address and it's opened to public only when it's finished.

We develop custom functionality

Websites must have common tasks such as content and user management, product presentation, etc., but we also offer custom functionality, as:

  • connecting your website to a particular hardware or database to retrieve/send data
  • connecting your website to an internet service (card/sms payment, social media, weather, currency rates, etc.)
  • custom interface, management, data processing, newsletter system or anything else that needs a particular functionality

Our prices are correct

We care about our client's budget. We try offer the best solution and the maximum results to fit in a given price-frame.

We use only licensed materials

Websites built by us always use original or licensed electronic materials, such as graphics, photos, fonts and program code.

We create a lot of graphics: site design components, icons, photos. Third party materials are purchased from stock media sites or are downloaded from open source libraries.


What does a website cost?


Depending on your needs, and the website complexity, there are roughly four cases:

Basic website

A simple, static website intended for presentation. Includes the graphic design, several pages with image gallery, contact-form and text written in one language.

Estimated price: ~150

Standard website

This can be a custom-built or a standard CMS website with stylish graphics and user-manageable content.

Prices between 200 - 600

Complex website

A custom-built website with special, non-standard functions. These projects need longer analysis, programming and testing as well.

The costs are highly dependent on the complexity of the project.

Prices starting from 600

Custom-built, very complex website

A custom-built website with lots of pages, large scale of functions and complex management.

Prices starting from 1000

What's included in the price?

  • lifetime technical consulting
  • 1 month testing and backups
  • training
  • VAT

What's not included in the price?

  • The price of the domain purchase and third-party website hosting
  • The price of the web template or special modules, if these need to be purchased from 3rd parties.
  • Long-term administration and maintenance. For this we highly offer a Website Maintenance Contract.
Content Management System.

It's a well developed, secure and highly customizable website-framework. By default it's empty, the content must be created by the end user, basically by creating menus and writing atricles.

The framework can be extended with 3rd party modules or plug-ins, easily creating very complex websites. The layout of the website can be changed by installing new templates. The simple modules and templates are free, the complex ones must be licensed.


cms joomla wordpress drupal
  • Open source (free)
  • Very stable and relatively secure code. Frequent upgrades
  • Lots of modules and plug-ins are available for free
  • The layout of the site can be changed easily
  • There are lots of documenations available on the internet about using, configuring, extending, etc.


  • The active developement ends after several years and new, non-backward-compatible versions may appear.
  • Due to the open source nature of the code, there are always security issues
  • Although modules and plugins are configurable, if a special functionality or layout is needed, it must be implemented by a website developer. This way the costs of the final website can be much higher than initially thought.
  • For many people is difficult to add new content due to the complexity of the back-end and the high possibility to accidentally modify/delete something that alters the functioning of the site.


The domain name is the unique text identifying a website on the internet, like "yahoo". Domain names always end with a suffix, identifying a country or a special domain. Thus, "yahoo.de" identifies the "yahoo" site from Germany (deutschland). Special suffixes identify special-purpose sites, like:

  • .com - commercial
  • .net - network
  • .org - organization
  • .gov - government
  • .info - info
  • .ws - website
  • .eu - european


Some country-related domains can be purchased for a fixed amount and the ownership never expires. Eg. a .ro domain can be purchased for ~40€. The price varies from country to cuntry.

Most of the domains can be rented on a yearly basis. Eg. a .com domain can be rented for ~12€ per year.

Taken domains cannot be rented even if there is no website set up for the given domain.

Web Hosting


The hosting is a service. It's subject is a computer, called "server", owned by a hosting company.

The files and the database of a website are stored on a server. The servers are special computers, with expensibve but durable hardware, running 24/24 hours. Beside storing the files, servers also "serve" incoming web-requests by rendering the requested web pages and then sending back the result to the visitors. Powerful servers can satisfy even several thousand requests per second.

The prices of a hosting are varying from 2-6€ to 100-600€ per month, depending on the website's traffic. For standard websites, the cheapest services are far enough.



SEO - Search Engine Optimization. The process of improving visibility of the website in search engines.

It's a complex process, starting from a deep website structure analysis, especially the textual content, followed by the physical addition of the site to the search engines. The process doesn't finishes here, after introducing the website to search engines, the results must be monitored and based on the appearing errors and warnings, the site structure or textual information must be changed.

New sites must be created according to the well defined standards. This involves a lot of attention and a well estabilished programming structure.

Web Template


The web template is the skeleton of the website\'s layout. Templates are designed for CMS websites.

The template includes a html frame, one or more style sheets (where all the sizes and colors are defined) and the graphic elements (images) which give the unique look of the website. Extra files, like javascripts or fonts may be also included.

The price of a template may vary between $25 and $60, but there may be more expensive ones, depending on the look and capabilities. Some templates may be obtained for free.