Professional photography

Photography today includes also the processing/retouching of the photos – mostly this step separates the professional photography from the amateur. By using special software we can eliminate lens distortions, aberrations, we can correct the colors or alter the image in any way.

We offer professional photography of products, buildings, locations or events (except family events, such as weddings).

Professional photo processing

Photos created by us are shot exclusively in RAW format and are processed with Lightroom and Photoshop. This way we can guarantee a lens-distortion-free image, without vignetting and chromatic aberrations, as well as reduced image noise. With a professional photo equipment we offer high quality images. The color accuracy is guaranteed with calibrated monitors and using equipment like X-Rite ColorChecker Passport.

The digital processing of the images assures:

  • correct white balance

  • wide dynamic range – restored highlights and lit shadows

  • efficient noise reduction

  • elimination of chromatic aberrations

  • perspective correction (useful for interior or exterior photography of buildings)

Photo retouching

We use retouching techniques to eliminate unwanted image elements – an ideal advertising photo must represent the reality in an exceptional way, without distorting the reality, but without unwanted elements.

By retouching frequently are eliminated:

  • background elements or colors

  • dust and scratches on the objects

  • unwanted spots

  • cables, litter or other unwanted elements


For references please visit our blog and the gallery below.

What is the price of photography?

Photography and image processing is around 18-30 €/hour at NetPixel Studio. The post-processing of the photos is 25 €/hour. We estimate the needed time before a project starts.

For longer or bigger projects we can give personalized price offers.

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