Web design

Our company creates unique web sites. We offer all contemporary needs of website creation: presentation sites, web shops and web-based management systems.

The sites are fully optimized for mobile devices (responsive), but may be used easily on desktop computers as well.

Personalized web sites

All sites designed by us have a unique design. Depending on the needs, we can add new functions to the website or new modules may be developed to extend the site functionality.

The Lithea system

Our company has developed a framework named "Lithea". It's a closed-source system with increased security. It includes all frequently used modules - content management, support system, blog, forum, etc. New modules may be developed easily.


One of the keys to the success is a good position in search engines. By creating the correct HTML skeleton and composing text correctly, our sites have naturally high rankings in the search engines.

Multilingual sites

The Lithea system allows the full separation of the site languages. Search engines treat the content on different languages as different sites.

Auxiliary services

If you need a web site, you will also need graphics for printing and product/location photos; we provide both services at the same place.

Do you need a website or a webshop?

These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Choose a name for the domain and register it. (approximately 12 € per year)

    You can verify the availability of the domain at a registrar, for example mxhost.ro.

  2. Choose a hosting package for the website (approximately 60 € annually).
  3. Please tell us all the ideas regarding the website. Together we will design and create the website content.

Our company offers assistance or can handle all the steps above.


The approximate price of website is:

  • Simple presentation site – starting from 600 €
  • webshop or website with online orders – starting from 1000 €
  • Web-based management systems for orders, production, personel, etc. – starting from 1500 €

The exact price can only be defined after the analysis of the concrete project. The price does NOT include graphic creations (photos, graphics) and creation / correction of textual content.


Below you may visit some of the web sites created by us. For more information please visit our blog as well.

The Kandi Boutique webshop

The main idea of the business is the sale of interesting, high quality products which are best for gifts and everyday use.

Visit the webshop here to learn more.

Panorama Boutique Hotel

The presentation site perfectly reflects the spirit of the physical location of the Panorama Hotel and event tent. The content is provided on 3 languages and contains lots of useful information.

Visit Panorama Hotel Boutique website to see in action.

The website of the industrial park in Sfântu Gheorghe

The website is the presentation portal of the industrial park. It's provided on 4 languages.

Visit the site here.

The agroelectro.ro webshop

A successful webshop selling electric fence parts and impulse generators. The business behind this webshop uses all services that are offered by us: beside website creation, design, DTP and product photography.

Visit the webshop here.

The EVPCV management system

Birth, civil state and death statistics are collected and handled by this website. The public area offers a lot of information on 2 languages, the administration area summarizes the statistics of Covasna county.


The Metalubs webshop and management system

Very complex website. The public area is a webshop and web office for the network members, the administration area is for the complete management of the network.

You can visit the site here.