Industrial design and DTP

Our company offers a wide variety of industrial graphic works such as DTP, advertising design, logo design, visual identity design, photo retouching/enhancing and 3D simulation/design.

DTP includes a wide range of tasks requiring field expertise and a relatively wide variety of special software. Graphic art also requires artistic knowledge such as composition, correct use of colors and character types. Last but not least, there is a need for knowledge related to the preparation of graphic materials for printing. Our company has a knowledge base in all three areas.

Graphic creation is provided in several languages ​​- Romanian, English and Hungarian. The importance of publishing in these languages ​​in our area requires knowledge of the three languages ​​fluently in order to produce professional multilingual materials.

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Advertising design

We offer graphic design and graphics for advertising and general use - books, magazines, flyers, banners and banners, restaurant menus, and more.

We also offer assistance in choosing the printing method (eg. digital, offset, screen printing, flexo) and we recommend the company or companies for the production of the graphic material.

Product catalogs, presentation brochures

Our company offers the production of product catalogs or brochures of your company's presentation. This includes:

  • Photographing the products or locations and professional post-processing of the photos.

  • Graphic design of the catalog or presentation brochure, considering the available budget, printing technology, etc.

  • Assistance in the printing and production of the material.

Logo Design

We design logos according to contemporary standards - simple and communicative look, colors chosen to work in black and white, plus two variants: the logo itself and a simplified version, preferably framed in a square (For example profile image on Facebook).

Visual identity

We design visual identity according to client and company profile. In addition to designing the logo, companies also need the visual identity of business cards, website, invoices and letters, presentation files, etc. After a review of your company or service, we create a visual identity with the graphics and colors that best represent you.

Designing books, newspapers and magazines

With years of experience in the domain, we offer design and writing of books and magazines for general or advertising use. You can also call us with confidence to verify the spelling and correction of the texts that will appear in these materials - this service right now is limited to Romanian, English and Hungarian languages.

Retouching and enhancements of digital photos

With over 10 years of experience in the processing, manipulation and correction of digital photos, we are definitely offering you the best service in this domain. Using calibrated monitors and appropriate software, we ensure perfect corrections of digital photos.

Photo processing is strictly necessary in the following cases:

  • printing the images with the appropriate clarity and brightness - in almost every case, the original images print with a darker tone, so they require selective corrections.

  • fixing of photo equipment problems - chromatic aberration, vignetting, image noise reduction

  • retouching of unwanted items - garbage, cables, yarns, cracks, etc., image elements that distract the attention

  • change of image elements - for example, the most frequently encountered case is changing the sky due to overexposure.

3D Design and Simulation

We offer 3D simulations, especially used in construction or renovation - previewing the appearance of buildings or land for approval to the beneficiary or authorities.

The most appropriate method is to capture existing terrain and apply the 3D model over the image.

Upon request, we can create 3D design intended for molding or thermoforming.